Emergency Home Generators

  We Install "Fully Automated Emergency Generator Systems" manufactured by GENERAC, BRYANT,& CARRIER. B K Mechanical Services has added the new Briggs & Stratton, and GE Line, of Automated Home Generators for our valued customers.

Our installations are "TURN-KEY" with BK Mechanical Services proudly providing you with State Licensed Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical work.

All Work is furnished by BK Mechanical Services, INC. so that YOU DO NOT end up waiting on multiple contractors - performing different tasks - at different times...which makes the coordination of all your installation work, and "Responsibility for your Entire Job" much simpler.

Should you desire the assistance, we also offer Generator Yearly Maintenance Service, to change your Oil, Spark Plugs, and Air Filter, keeping your system reliable and ready for optimal performance.




BK Mechanical Services Inc. will also provide the required "Mechanical Permits and Inspections" to ensure that your family is protected, and recieves quality work, by following all State and local Codes.

To assist you in choosing a fully automated Generator System, here are some important questions you may consider, in your selection of a Automated Generator System:

In an event of power failure and a stressful time of Emergency after the storm...what Electrical items are most important to maintain my family's comfort needs until power can be restored?
Is a Natural Gas, or Propane fuel source available at my home, to operate a Generator?
Will my present Natural Gas Meter furnish me with the proper fuel source for my Generator?
Are there CHARGES by my Utility Company if I need a different Gas Meter or Regulators?
After the work is performed...What is my actual "WARRANTY" with my Generator System?
Does my Generator warranty include a "Labor Warranty" just in case I experience a problem?
What are my responsibilities in regards to Maintaining my new Generator System?
Does my new Generator System have a Charging System for my battery and does my generator have a "Automatic Maintenance Run Cycle?"

These are among a few of the questions you should consider in your selection of a new home Generator. BK Mechanical Services Inc. begins with a "No Charge Survey." We will start by asking your opinion of what Electrical Items are needed to function in a time of emergency to support your family comfort level. There are survey questions concerning the size of your home? How many A/C and Heating Systems and Hot Water Heaters that you operate? The number of Refrigerators or Freezers operated to maintain your food stores? Of these various appliances, which ones operate on Electricity, Natural Gas, or Propane? Are you on City water, or do you also operate a "Water Well and/or a Electric powered home Septic System? In Emergency...will you need to operate important Security Lighting, and Alarm Systems? Do you have a seperate building, or workshop which may be needed to support your family in an Emergency? Selecting your new Automated generator System is truly determined by understanding what your "Electrical Load requirements" may possibly be, during a "VERY STRESSFUL TIME!"

At BK Mechanical Services Inc. our desire is to assist you in every way that we can with making the right choice -BEFORE- you and your family must deal with a time of emergency and the important comfort of your family until power is restored. There are some crucial issues to consider before making your selection! "Please Remember"...One of the most important issues of selecting your Generator will be having "THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF POWER" to support your comfort needs. A Generator System which is not sufficient or too small... will just shut down or malfunction and possibly damage and destroy very expensive appliances that you have worked hard for!

"Give us a Call today"...BK Mechanical Services Inc. is ready to assist you with the installation of your new Automated Home Generator System. "TURN-KEY" means that WE DO IT ALL, and our GOAL is to provide you with a feeling of pleasure, with Professional Service with every aspect of our work.

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