The most logical way to determine your needs is to envision your home without power! Some outages may be short in duration, while others could last for days or weeks. What would you like your living conditions to be?

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It is quite possible that you may desire to operate most all of the Electrical items in your home.Some of our customer's have stated; "I don't want to even feel like the electrcial power has failed!" How much Electrical Power you need and the Size of Your Generator is determined, by your answer concerning what You and Your Family will operate, regarding the electrical appliances you need, to achieve the Comfort Level that you want.

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To the left, you will see us installing a new Service Entrance Automated Transfer Switch. This Automated Transfer Switch is custom installed, to retrofit each home.There are different sizes and types of Automated Transfer Switches that may be needed to support your needs. The installation of these ATS Switches must be performed in accordance to State, and Municiple Local Code Specifications. This installation and integration to your homes Electrical circuitry is also an important factor concerning the "COSTS" involved with proper specifications of your installation.


The Liquid Cooled 25KW Model; Available Extended 5 Years Parts/Labor Wty The 25KW Liquid Cooled model delivers 104 Amps on 240VAC this model is widely used when more home utilities are needed.


Farmer Funeral Home Silsbee Texas - 45KW 3-Phase Generator.

Residential or Commercial: BK MECHANICAL SERVICES is ready to serve you.


The Flannakin Family of Silsbee Texas happy with their new Generac 20KW Model : very popular model for many homes.

    The Generac 22 KW Liquid Cooled Model by BK Mechanical Services Inc.

Our Fully Automated Home Generators include Battery Charging circuits and "Once a Week Programmed Maintanance run cycles", which offers you "Peace of Mind" that your system is operating and will be ready just in case Emergency Power is needed to support your Family Comfort.

    A view of the (above) 20KW Model, with the Top section Closed.





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