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Is your current Home Comfort System poorly designed when it comes to maintaining your family's comfort needs? All to often, over time..."Customers learn to live with and accept the system they presently own" even if it is not the right comfort system!

At BK Mechanical Services, we offer our customers a survey of your home's Comfort System, using the latest technology, and "Cost Free Equipment Replacement Estimates" to ensure that your equipment is properly designed to satisfy your family's comfort, as well as help maintain your family budget when it comes to Utility Costs! If your installation may require some upgrades or modifications to your Electrical wiring or Plumbing, "Don't Worry": BK Mechanical Services Inc. can furnish all of this work for you, all proudly provided by the same company. You won't have be told that you will need to call multiple Contractors, to successfully handle your work.

Utility Costs?


Is your system is 10 to 15 years old, or older? You may not realize the amount of money that you could be saving... in regards to Utility costs at your home! When you hear the Term "SEER RATING" (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) think of this Term as in understanding the "Miles Per Gallon" term we use with our Automobile. The Higher the SEER RATING that an air conditioning system has...The higher it's ability to save you Money on your home Utility costs! is the truth, in January of 2010 - Manufacturers of Air Conditioning Equipment will be selling equipment which uses REFRIGERANT 410A (Freon) and moving away from R22 Freon, that we have all used for many years! There will be "higher costs" associated with the use of R22 Refrigerant, as the industry moves away from it's use! We urge you to understand and be ready for how these changes to protect our Enviroment may affect you and your Family.




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Are you are building a new Home? Why not allow our design and Installation department to work with your New Home Building prints, to help you choose a new system which truly suits your family's Home Comfort?

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